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  With high rise condominiums and apartments being built here in Texas at an unprecedented rate and as gas prices continue to escalate, more people will be moving into high rise structures closer to their workplace. As you consider which one to buy or rent find out about their life safety program.

  • Does it have fire sprinklers, fire alarms, smoke detectors and a good evacuation plan?
  • What are the maintenance schedules (i.e. running the fire pump, testing elevator recalls, checking for clear egresses)?
  • What is the inspection schedule for the fire sprinklers, smoke detectors and the fire alarms?
  • Does the security staff have a well organized plan in the event of a fire?

  These are just some examples of the questions you might ask, high rise fires are more difficult to fight than low rise fires. The questions you ask could save you and the people you love.


At a public hearing held yesterday by the International Code Council, the organization responsible
for publishing the nation's residential building code, there was an
unprecedented level of support shown for residential fire sprinklers.

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