Fire Sprinklers Protect Us PDF Print E-mail

A couple trying to save a few bucks stored 45 gallons of gasoline in their apartment utility closet. Gas fumes ignited a fire ruining their apartment and displacing 15 other people. Firefighters said that if the apartments had not been sprinklered the whole building would have burned down.  While never having stored gasoline within 50 feet of my residence, I have done some stupid things that could have burned my house down. Like leaving a burner on my cook stove on or leaving Christmas paper too close to my fireplace. We all  at sometime or another have done something of this nature. This is why I am a proponent for residential sprinklers. Fire sprinklers protect us from ourselves.


People who remodel or rebuild half or more of their homes or a quarter or more of their businesses will now have to install an automatic fire sprinkler system.  read more...



Should Residential Sprinklers be Mandatory