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Members of the International Code Council (ICC) do the right thing and require fire sprinklers in one and two family dwellings at the final code hearings scheduled for next week in Minneapolis. The consequences out weigh the cost, 8 out of 10 fire deaths occur in the home.   Sandy Dunn, NAHB president said,  “Our concerns center on the potential of pipes being susceptible to freezing in colder climates, damage from the accidental discharge of sprinklers and the availability of an adequate water supply in areas served by wells or where water is a scarce resource.”  
  ·         Most of the time the fire sprinkler piping can be routed through walls. Many other low cost options are available.
 ·        Accidental discharge figures show that through all causes only 1 – 500,000 (per year of service) occur and as a result of manufacturing defect, 1 in 14,000,000 (per year of service).
 ·        Residential fire sprinklers need less water than fire sprinkler systems designed for commercial and industrial buildings. Typically a residential fire sprinkler system can be linked to your home's main water supply. 
Before refrigerators became more expensive than a residential fire sprinkler system NAHB argued that cost was their main concern. One thing is certain a residential fire sprinkler system will hold water better than the NAHB‘s lame excuses.

A 15 story high rise  caught  fire  Thursday  morning at  11:20 am in a 14th story apartment . Seven people were injuried.  read more



Should Residential Sprinklers be Mandatory