Residential Fire Sprinkler Market Expected to Reach $3 Billion PDF Print E-mail

In a report Resdential Fire Sprinklers Market Growth and Labor Demand Analysis ( PDF , 913 KB ) , by Russ Leavitt, SET , CFPS the market may exceed $3 billion. The number of new jobs that will need to be created is staggering

  • City plan reviewers 425
  • AHJ inspectors 907
  • Fire sprinkler designers 2721
  • Fire sprinkler installers 7087

Which would you rather pay? The fire at the Rotonics Manufacturing Plant in Caldwell Tuesday  did $3,000,000 of damage including the building and contents. The 21,250 square foot structure would have cost an estimated  $30,000 to install automatic fire sprinklers. Also the fire sprinkler system would have paid for itself in insurance  premiums. Caldwell Fire Marshal Doug Brown said If the Rotonics building had had fire sprinkler protection, the chances are very good that the company would be back in production today, and all their employees would be back to work.   



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