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A bill before the governor of Texas wants to ban cities from requiring fire sprinklers in homes. Come on Rick while your at it let's repeal the seat belt law. Obviously the people don't know what they need to save their lives.

Fire Sprinklers save people from dying from fires, its been proven over and over. The cost is minimal. What price do you put on your loved ones? Ask a parent if they rather save $3000 on the price of their house or have their children safe in case of a fire.

The bill, sponsored by state Sen. Mike Jackson, R-Pasadena, was to overhaul plumbing licenses. The sprinkler prohibition was later added at the homebuilders' behest. Jackson said he agreed with the builders but empathizes with both sides.

Hey Rick after the seat belt law maybe we can eliminate  the automobile insurance law also. People don't know what they need to keep them safe. Why else would we have these laws? Why is it not okay to die in a car but okay to die in a fire?  Besides you don't have to fight these fires, or you don't see the tragedies the firemen see. Why don't you ask a fireman if he thinks homes should be sprinklered and see what he has to say..


Which would you rather pay? The fire at the Rotonics Manufacturing Plant in Caldwell Tuesday  did $3,000,000 of damage including the building and contents. The 21,250 square foot structure would have cost an estimated  $30,000 to install automatic fire sprinklers. Also the fire sprinkler system would have paid for itself in insurance  premiums. Caldwell Fire Marshal Doug Brown said If the Rotonics building had had fire sprinkler protection, the chances are very good that the company would be back in production today, and all their employees would be back to work.   



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