Residential Fire Sprinkler Market Expected to Reach $3 Billion PDF Print E-mail

In a report Resdential Fire Sprinklers Market Growth and Labor Demand Analysis ( PDF , 913 KB ) , by Russ Leavitt, SET , CFPS the market may exceed $3 billion. The number of new jobs that will need to be created is staggering

  • City plan reviewers 425
  • AHJ inspectors 907
  • Fire sprinkler designers 2721
  • Fire sprinkler installers 7087
Automatic Air Vent for Wet Systems PDF Print E-mail

automatic air ventFm has approved the Engineered Corrosion Solutions
Ejector for wet fire sprinkler systems. Read more

ICC Mandates Home Fire Sprinklers PDF Print E-mail

The International Code Council passed a resoultion Sunday to require fire sprinklers in new single and two family  dwellings.The code will require homes built after January 1, 2011 to have fire sprinklers. It's been a long road for the IRC Fire Sprinkler Coalition, but there is still work to be done, now it has to be adopted by local governments. This is a great victory for homeowners and firemen. 

Death by fire unacceptable PDF Print E-mail

LINCOLN, Neb.— Fire investigators worked through the night but still had not determined early yesterday what started a blaze at a fraternity house that killed one student and left three others critically injured. read more...


Bar saved by sprinkler law PDF Print E-mail

"Without a doubt, if a sprinkler system wasn't in place, the fire would've been a lot worse," said Fire Chief Richard Ranieri. The incident is the "first save" since the sprinkler law went into effect in November, according to Jennifer Mieth of the state Department of Fire Services.
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Fire Sprinklers Protect Us PDF Print E-mail

A couple trying to save a few bucks stored 45 gallons of gasoline in their apartment utility closet. Gas fumes ignited a fire ruining their apartment and displacing 15 other people. Firefighters said that if the apartments had not been sprinklered the whole building would have burned down.  While never having stored gasoline within 50 feet of my residence, I have done some stupid things that could have burned my house down. Like leaving a burner on my cook stove on or leaving Christmas paper too close to my fireplace. We all  at sometime or another have done something of this nature. This is why I am a proponent for residential sprinklers. Fire sprinklers protect us from ourselves.



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People who remodel or rebuild half or more of their homes or a quarter or more of their businesses will now have to install an automatic fire sprinkler system.  read more...



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