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A newly installed fire sprinkler system doused the fire on the 6th floor before firefighters arrived. No lives lost. no injuries and minimal property damage. Amazing. How much was the cost of the installation of the fire sprinkler system compared to what it saved? There is none.  read more
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Fire chief wants sprinklers installed in all high rise buildings (NBC 12 Richmond)   read more


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From 1973 to 2003, 49 fatal fires in dormitories and fraternity and sorority houses killed a total of 77 students, according to the National Fire Protection Association. 


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Why are home builders against sprinklers? I' ve been in the sprinkler industry for 35 years and cost is not the problem. The cost of the residential sprinkler system is less than adding a Jacuzzi tub. The average cost is about $1.25 per square foot. What is the real problem home builders have with sprinklers? The value of fire sprinklers have been documented over and over. Please some advocate of the home builders speak out I challenge you to leave a comment on this website and tell me what is the problem? Do the home builders association have something against saving lives?
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Excessive water from fire sprinklers after they extinguish a fire may cause mold, excessive fire from your home burning may cause death. Seriously, citing mold as a reason not to retrofit a 252 unit high rise apartment complex is silly.(built in 1969, mold has already reared it's ugly head, no doubt). In his defense, he is the president of the board of said complex, and he is just voicing his opinion, not protecting his pocket, it is not the money, fire sprinklers just aren't needed. In my humble opinion (for what it is worth) fire seems more frightening. Fire kills, mold can be abated.

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An automatic fire sprinkler extinguished a fire in a downtown hotel late Tuesday night. read more


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Even though Southwest Industrial Gases handled extremely flammable material, it was not required to have fire sprinklers because its building existed before new fire codes took effect. 

 "Sprinkler systems can immediately cool cylinders, reducing the likelihood of additional cylinder releases, fire spread and off-site consequences," the board's safety bulletin said.



Should Residential Sprinklers be Mandatory