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Under a new plan being considered by the Scottsdale Housing Board, all apartments and condominiums without fire sprinklers — about 40 percent according to fire department estimates — would have to be retrofitted by 2016.


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45 dead in Moscow hospital fire, arson suspected.


Study shows home fire sprinklers cost effective PDF Print E-mail
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) conducted a study on the cost of fire sprinklers in new homes.   read more
Fire Sprinkler Union promises help PDF Print E-mail

Following the tragedy at the Sofa Super Store warehouse in Charleston, SC, that resulted in nine firefighter fatalities, the United Association (UA) Fire Sprinkler Fitters Union has pledged to work closely with fire service and building department groups to upgrade codes and make buildings safer for occupants and firefighters.    read more

Firefighter Safety PDF Print E-mail

Do the Math: Sprinklers = Firefighter Safety   Take a proactive approach instead of reacting to an incident.  read more

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New legislation offers no-interest loans. PDF Print E-mail
“People do not die in sprinkled homes,” said Samuel Oates, San Diego's fire marshal. Assembly Bill 759 is offering no-interest loans to retrofit small residential-care facilities with fire sprinklers. read more

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A 15 story high rise  caught  fire  Thursday  morning at  11:20 am in a 14th story apartment . Seven people were injuried.  read more



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